The Contract Series: Part 1 – Preparing For Negotiations

 You’re in discussions with an employer for a position that looks like a great fit, and it looks like you’ll be offered a contract. However, one of the most critical aspects of the contract negotiation starts before an agreement is even tendered. Here are some important aspects to consider early on in the job search, interview,  and contract negotiation process as you evaluate different opportunities and, ultimately, multiple offers:

1) Understand what others at similar points in their career are receiving in terms of compensation. 

You may have a great idea of what your salary and benefits should be, or you may not. You may keep up with some colleagues that have open conversations about compensation. Resources such as,, and offer some useful ballpark information, but keep in mind that salaries can vary greatly based on location, market conditions, and candidate saturation. Your ETS recruiter can also provide insights based on our placements and experience in the market. 

2) Be familiar with the costs of the market to which you will be moving. 

Consider the costs of lodging, transportation, relocation, and everyday living in the area to which you will be moving. Sometimes, financial offers that appear to be similar may be significantly different based on cost of living. A cost-of-living index is an excellent tool to compare markets. 

3) Consider the value of other non-fiscal factors. 

Lifestyle, weather preference, and recreational opportunities are key factors, but many people find the proximity to family to be an important consideration. Evaluate and understand what is important to you before a contract ever enters the picture.

4) Understand the practice’s structure, culture, and future growth opportunities.

Do you have an interest in a partnership track? Is the reputation of the practice positive or negative? Does the treatment philosophy match your own? While these are things you can address as the interview and contraction negotiation processes progress, you can get a pretty good idea by doing some secondary research on your own ahead of time.

At ETS, we work closely with candidates to find opportunities that match their needs and preferences. We might already know of the perfect job for you! Contact us today.


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